Marble Kitchen Worktops

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Marble is best known as metamorphic rock or as geologists refer to this term as metamorphosed limestone (when limestone is exposed to high temperatures and pressures). Metamorphism results that final marble rock is composed of mosaic of carbonate crystals. Marble stones are commonly used in medical industry, architecture and of course in construction. As for homes marble stones are frequently used not only for marble kitchen worktops but for floors, walls and tables too.

Marble Usage For Kitchen Worktops

marble kitchen worktops

Marble as material stands for elegance and luxury and is sophisticated element to any kitchen. This means that your marble kitchen worktops will be absolutely unique and special. It’s needless to say that your kitchen will stand out of others. Most of the marble kitchen worktops will have this textural veiny, natural and patterned look. Marble kitchen worktops isn’t a low cost material actually the average cost is even higher than granite but usage of marble in your kitchen is totally worth it.

Marble – Natural Stone

Marble material that is used for marble kitchen worktops is totally natural. Actually people who prefer only natural materials and want to see luxury and elegance in their new kitchens there are not so many options besides marble.

Cleaning And Maintaining Marble Kitchen Worktops

Marble kitchen worktop will keep it’s elegance for years if proper maintenance and caution will be applied. Marble worktops need more caution and care than granite and quartz kitchen worktops. As marble is porous and softer than granite it’s pretty easy to scratch the worktop surface. Marble kitchen worktops are easy to clean. Use dish cloth together with warm soapy water and you are ready to go. To finish cleaning please use soft towel in order to dry the marble surface. Avoid using cleaners with acidic or abrasive properties. You should be pretty cautious when dinking coffe, tea, read wine or even natural juices like orange or lemon. These can damage the colour of marble. So it’s suggested to use coasters for cups and glasses before placing these on your marble kitchen worktops.

Marble Colour Range

GetMarble can provide you with wide selection of different marble colours for your new marble kitchen worktop. If you look at these colours then you will understand what makes marble stand out from other materials – elegance and uniqueness. Botticino, Phalodi, Crema Valencia, Golden Flower – these are only few of the colour names that you can choose for your marble kitchen worktop.

Marble Worktops Colour Jaisalmer-Yellow
Jaisalmer Yellow
Marble Worktops Colour Green-Marble
Green Marble
Marble Worktops Colour Light-Empredor
Light Empredor
Marble Worktops Colour Phalodi
Marble Worktops Colour Rain-Forest-Brown
Rain Forest B
Marble Worktops Colour Rain-Forest-Golden
Rain Forest G
Marble Worktops Colour Rain-Forest-Green
Rain Forest G
Marble Worktops Colour Rosso-Alicante
Rosso Alicante
Marble Worktops Colour Rosso-Lavante
Rosso Lavante
Marble Worktops Colour Rosso-Verona
Rosso Verona
Marble Worktops Colour Black-Marquina
Black Marquina
Marble Worktops Colour Botticino
Marble Worktops Colour Brescia-Aurora
Brescia Aurora
Marble Worktops Colour Crema-Marfil
Crema Marfil
Marble Worktops Colour Crema-Valencia
Crema Valencia
Marble Worktops Colour Dark-Empredor
Dark Empredor
Marble Worktops Colour Eta-Gold
Eta Gold
Marble Worktops Colour Golden-Flower
Golden Flower
Marble Worktops Colour Golden-Flower-Antique
Golden Flower A
Marble Worktops Colour Golden-Portoro
Golden Portoro
Marble Worktops Colour Green-Marble-ODJ
Green Marble
Marble Worktops Colour Green-Marble-ODP
Green Marble

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