Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz stone is a combination of nature and technology consisting of 93% natural quartz. It is ideal for any interior application including worktops, floors or vertical applications

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Quartz As Material For Kitchen Worktops

Quartz as material is the second abundant mineral in the whole world. However quartz material used for designing quartz kitchen worktops is manmade material. Usually quartz worktops are made of 93 % of natural minerals (quartz crystals) and the rest proportionally are colour pigments and resin binders. But the combination of those materials makes solid stone product with uniform structure and durable, long lasting properties. Quartz is frequently used not only to produce absolutely amazingly looking quartz kitchen worktops but to manufacture glass and ceramics products too.

Difference Between Granite And Quartz Worktops?

Of course the main difference between materials that are used to create quartz kitchen worktops and granite kitchen worktops is that quartz (quartz composite) material is manmade but granite is totally natural one. However due to its properties quartz is really good alternative to natural materials. Quartz has a non-porous structure and this means that it’s highly resistant to liquids.

Granite Worktops

Heat Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Stain Resistance

Fully Natural

Non-porous Structure

Quartz Worktops

Heat Resistance

Scratch Resistance

Stain Resistance

Fully Natural

Non-porous Structure

How To Maintain And Clean Quartz Kitchen Worktops?

To clean and maintain your quartz kitchen worktop is really easy. If properly maintained your quartz worktops will keep its amazing look for many years. In order to clean it just use microfiber cloth together with warm soapy water and you are ready to go. To finish cleaning please use white cloth or paper in order to dry the quartz surface. Of course you can use special quartz cleaners that will not only clean but protect stone surfaces. Avoid using cleaners with acidic or abrasive properties. As quartz worktops are non-porous this makes these completely stain-resistant.

The one thing that you should keep in mind that quartz kitchen worktops are not heat proof. This means that in order to maintain its beauty do not place hot pots and pans directly to quartz surface instead use trivets and hot pads when placing hot objects on quartz worktops.

Quartz Colour Range

Because of quartz material structure there is a broad selection of colours for your new quartz kitchen worktop. These colours can really add a modern touch to your kitchen like no other materials. For example it’s possible to choose totally white quartz colour for your quartz kitchen worktops which doesn’t exist in nature. Please take a look below to see our amazing quartz colours that we can provide to you in order for your new quartz kitchen worktop to fit just perfectly into your planned kitchen design.

Classic Range

Quartz Worktops Colour Branco-Cinzento
Branco Cinzento
Quartz Worktops Colour Botticinio
Quartz Worktops Colour Cafe
Quartz Worktops Colour Café-Gris
Cafe Gris
Quartz Worktops Colour Classic-Blanco
Classic Blanco
Quartz Worktops Colour Classic-Gris
Classic Gris
Quartz Worktops Colour Classic-Ivory
Classic Ivory
Quartz Worktops Colour classic-noir
Classic Noir
Quartz Worktops Colour Mat-Blanc
Mat Blanc
Quartz Worktops Colour Sepia

Brillo Range

Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Cafe
Brillo Cafe
Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Branco
Brillo Branco
Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Cocoa
Brillo Cocoa
Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Gris
Brillo Gris
Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Ivory
Brillo Ivory
Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Noir
Brillo Noir
Quartz Worktops Colour Brillo-Rouge
Brillo Rouge

Marble Quartz Range

Quartz Worktops Colour Olympia
Quartz Worktops Colour Caramello
Quartz Worktops Colour Empire
Quartz Worktops Colour Honey-Onyx
Honey Onyx
Quartz Worktops Colour Marble-Carrara
Marble Carrara
Quartz Worktops Colour Milano
Quartz Worktops Colour Palazzo
Quartz Worktops Colour Palmyra
Quartz Worktops Colour Santa-Brown
Santa Brown
Quartz Worktops Colour Santorini
Quartz Worktops Colour San-Vincente
San Vincente
Quartz Worktops Colour Serengeti
Quartz Worktops Colour Vanilla-Sky
Vanilla Sky
Quartz Worktops Colour Verona
Quartz Worktops Colour Zivas-Marfil
Zivas Marfil
Quartz Worktops Colour Statuario-Venato
Statuario Venato

Premier Range

Quartz Worktops Colour Marbre-Noir
Marbre Noir
Quartz Worktops Colour Platino-Branco
Platino Branco
Quartz Worktops Colour Platino-Gris-Noir
Platino Gris Noir
Quartz Worktops Colour Platino-Gris
Platino Gris
Quartz Worktops Colour Platino-Piccolo-Nero
Platino Piccolo
Quartz Worktops Colour Ibiza
Quartz Worktops Colour Marbre-Gris
Marbre Gris
Quartz Worktops Colour Marble-Latte
Marble Latte

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